Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who's In Charge, Here?

I've been involved in church ministry for over 30 years... primarily in music and creative arts. And I've noticed a disturbing trend over the years that has seeped it's way into just about every aspect of "church life."


For some odd reason - call it ego - many well-intentioned believers feel the need to control - to take charge of - to help God with - what goes on in churches.

We form committees who debate about things that really, in the end, don't have that much importance - well, not compared to Salvation.

We try to regulate the use of certain songs or prayers or practices - anointing them as "holy" when, in fact, they are not holy. They are just - songs... or prayers... or practices. The only reason they have any sacred importance is because we have labeled them as such.

We feel the need to control what goes on in our churches, in our services, in our Sunday school classes - and more!

But - - the last time I checked - - God is the one in charge. And, He does not really need our help, thank you very much.

He just needs our unarguable loyalty, trust, obedience and worship.

We common saints must do much less controlling - and far more committing...

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