Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's The Thing...

Assuming that all of us are, at some level, just a common saint, walking this planet, trying to live out what we believe the Bible teaches, trying to be "little Christs" to the world... then it seems to me that we portray that ID in ALL aspects of life - not just "church."

So, to all my Christian friends who have jumped aboard the "hate wagon" during this Presidential Campaign, can I just say - enough!

Each person has their "fav" who they want elected to the office of President. So be it. Not everyone shares the same passion YOU do for YOUR candidate. Thus we have the multi-party system in this country. That's one of the really cool things about America - - unity in diversity.

Well, that's what we SAY... but rarely do we live it out.

Enough with hammering someone JUST to show you are better... back in my school yard we called that "being a bully." And as I recall, the bully was usually the first to get paddled by the principal.

Every candidate has problems. All of them. Not one is above reproach. And NO candidate is worthy of the amount of blind loyalty some seem to be handing them. McCain is not God's appointed president. Obama is not the Savior of the nation. Palin is not gonna usher in the apocaplypes. Biden... uh, Biden... hmmm. I'll think of something later - once he does something.

How about this... shut your pie hole about your candidate -- vote as you feel led -- let the chips fall where they may -- and, for once in your life, learn to trust the ONLY one who really cares about this country.

God '08!


Tom Kimball said...

Couldn't agree more.

Tom Kimball said...

In fact, it seems we have turned our political discourse into a Sunday afternoon football match...winners and losers scoring points instead of working together for the good of the nation. And we encourage that ridiculously inappropriate behavior by cheering on our "player." Thanks for chastising us all to take our eyes off the presidential "race."