Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Big is God?

No, I mean that. How big is God?

I was talking with a comic recently - she happens to be a Christian - and we were bantering about how many Christians have elected to make their God so small that anything outside of a certain set of parameters just simply does not fit and, therefore, is not "of God."

But God is very big.

God created The Beatles. The Beatles never led anyone to Christ that I know of - but that does not discount that God created them and, I will go so far as to say that God even created their music. Anything "devilish" in their music is due to their own twisting of the beautiful creation of God's called music. And if God created music - it CANNOT be evil.

We Christians are great at building walls - and our walls keep outsiders out. And then we complain why nobody comes to church - or tithes. Guess what? They don't like us!

How big is God?

He's big enought to build bridges - and that's why I follow Him.

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