Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tugging At My Ear

One of my favorite things in TV history was how Carol Burnett used to tug her ear at the end of each show to say "so long" to her aunt (I believe it was).

I'm in ear-tugging mode of late...

After nearly 30 years of being involved in church music ministry in some form or another, the past 20 heavily involved as the director of music and worship for churches, I am laying down the baton and heading in a new direction - pursuing opportunities that are opening up for me in the areas of comedy and acting - and, of course, continued opportunities in songwriting.

In some ways this is a very easy move. Frankly, the seeminly never-ending angst of ministry has caught up with me and left me weary and worn out. Some call this "burn out" and, perhaps it is - especially for those out there who just MUST label things for whatever reason. Bottom line, I'm just tired of the on-going debates, fights, arguments, whining, complaining, and more that well-meaning, God-loving, church-going followers of Christ seem to crave.

I don't crave it. I hate it. It is a waste of time, energy, and resources and it has a way of killing whatever joy of the Lord began each day.

I wish more church attending believers realized what they are doing to their leaders. At its core, it is simply pure evil - there is no other way to describe it.

That said - this will also be a difficult transition. It's hard to say "so long" to a nearly 30-year career that has enjoyed pockets of delight, blessing and joy. Music and worship are gifts from God that I have always beed drawn towards. And, of course, there are the people who I will miss not seeing. Especially at my latest church position which lasted nearly 11 years - a true miracle in the world of church music these days!

But it's time. The right time. God's time.

And so, I press on - I cast my net on the other side of the boat...

I tug my ear and say, "so long..."

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