Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Christian Can Beat Up Your Christian - Part 2

In discussing Christian Arrogance, I will follow an acrostic on the word P.R.I.D.E.  Seems appropriate... right?  

The P in our acrostic is for POSITION or placement; meaning, WHERE we place ourselves as compared to others on a scale between un-holy, doomed to hell all the way up to God's right-hand man.  

In my 40+ years as a Christian I have come across many--far TOO many--fellow believers who seem to believe that, because they are a Christian, they are "just a little bit better" than everyone else around them.  It is almost as if they are thinking, "Neener, Neener - I'm going to heaven, because I'm good - and you're going to hell, because you're bad!" I honestly feel that the main reason we ever feel like this often has to do with wrong teachings from some in our Christian culture.  Somewhere along the line we mixed up the notion of "chosen by God" with "chosen for abilities" or some other crazy notion.

Sadly, this attitude rises to the surface in ways that cause the non-believers around us to sniff out our arrogance and run for the hills.  I don't think we have intentionally attempted to make others feel less worthy or less valuable, but it does happen.  Yes,we are loved by God.  But that does not mean we are BETTER than anyone around us.  And for those who are agreeing with this statement, don't be so smug - you do it, too!  And, so do I.  Though I am trying to be less this way the older I get.

How did Jesus deal with His "Position?" 

Think about this - - no, really, think about this.

Jesus - was (is) THE Son of God; He IS God - in the flesh.  Jesus was - God in a human body - interacting with His very own creation.  That is mind-boggling!  

And, yet, even with His DNA, Jesus remained a SERVANT to everyone around Him.  He placed himself at the bottom, in other words.  Never was it, "Hey, look what I can do!"  (And He could do a lot!)  It was always, "Hey, look what I can do - for YOU!"  

Are we like that?  No, really, are we?  

Probably. Sometimes. At church. In front of the pastor. 

What about at Walmart? Or the gas station? Or when we pass a homeless man in smelly clothes who has a sign asking for money?  

I encourage you (and me) to re-think what our POSITION actually is, as follows of Jesus Christ. Don't allow yourself to become too arrogant in your mistaken "lofty" placement in the Kingdom. Absolutely believe, and live, as a child of the King!  But never forget that THIS King wears a crown of thorns - not diamonds. 

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