Sunday, August 16, 2009

Serve Somebody

Today I was reminded of the great "post-conversion" song written by Bob Dylan, "Serve Somebody." You can listen to it here.

In the meantime, todays' message at Bridgeway Church in Denver, CO focused on how all of us need to stop living with our feet straddling a fence... make a decision - decide once and for all whom we will trust - either completely and fully trust God - or - trust the world and all it has to offer. But it is foolishness to say "I trust you God, but..." That does not work.

Is it hard to fully trust God? Of course! It's hard to fully trust anything or anyone. That's why it is called "trust."

The lesson focused on Elijah challenging the prophets and people who followed the god, Baal. He basically put God to the test and, in the process, showed that there is only One God - and it was not Baal. It's a great story found in Exodus 17.

I am still digesting the message, trying to own it - because I do tend to be someone who proclaims with my mouth that I fully trust God - but who, at the same time, struggles with the reality of that declaration.

The goal, of course, is to be bold and courageous as I choose to fully trust God with all aspects of my life. May that be true of all of us.

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