Saturday, March 28, 2009


After about 9 years of great service, our Dodge Caravan finally met his maker - well, sort of... as we were closing in on the 169K mark, "things" began to go wrong... dials stopped working, rear wiper blades gave out - - noises and creeks here and there - - the end was in sight - - or - - money had to be paid out just to keep the thing alive.

So - because we've enjoyed my wife's Ford Escape for a while now, we decided to go find a good used one for me as a replacement for the minivan. One of those wonderful deals jumped out at us and we decided it was time.

Now we have "his and hers" Ford Escapes... hers is a burly "man red" - and mine is a "cute bright blue" -- not sure how that happened, but it gives each of us companionship during the day so there ya go...

No, there WE go!


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